I can almost guaratee you've likely never met anyone quite like my friend Caroline Sherwood Holroyd. Learn how God took her challenging past and redeemed it so amazingly, for his glory.


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February 2018

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Walter Sendzik, mayor of St. Catharines, wants his city to be known as "The Compassionate City". He shared his vision for this at a recent breakfast hosted by YFC/ Youth Unlimited St. Catharines.

2018 is now one month old. And just like last year at this time, Faith News Niagara is introducing some new elements to the website. What kind of changes? Read on to find out more.

Think that God can't use you right where you are? Don't say that to Eliud Herrera. God is using him to minister to entire villages thousands of miles away, and he's doesn't even leave his office desk to do it.