"Pathway Of Peace is willing to help to you, mobilize you, and train you on how to reach out to Muslims, to help you understand the Islamic religion. It's not only reaching out out to Muslims."

Pathway Of Peace has many pieces of literature and training tools, including a card that shares the story behind Good Friday, and the significance of the cross, written in Arabic and English. They also have a card about Easter and Christmas, and the Muslim observance of Ramadan. One-day church seminars are also available.

For Pathway Of Peace, the bottom line is to help close the gap between Niagara Christians, and ministry to the Muslim community. As Thabet himself put it, "Pathway Of Peace is willing to help to you, mobilize you, and train you on how to reach out to Muslims, to help you understand the Islamic religion. It's not only reaching out to Muslims. We are willing to help and teach and train."

But in order to accomplish the work that this young ministry is called to do, Thabet is asking for help from the very group he himself seeks to help. "Pathway Of Peace needs your prayers and support. Our home church has adopted us..." then, referring to the entire body of Christ throughout the Niagara Region, he added, "but we also need your support and prayer, because we can do more." Additional funds toward the ministry would go toward enhancing its media department, and in particular, producing videos for training believers. Those interested in communicate with Pathway Of Peace via their website.

Thabet can be reached rough that same page, ready to answer any questions on how to enroll in classes and book a lecture. The next opportunity to hear him speak publically will be on Tuesday, August 18 at 7:30 pm in Beamsville, at Conversations Cafe, which is located at 4995 King St. in Beamsville. All are welcome, and admission is free.

Pathway of Peace: a local ministry dedicated to sharing Jesus with Muslims

Thabet Megaly's passion is to reach Muslims for Christ.

One of the topics currently making global headlines is the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and the rise of the Islamic State. As that situation continues to develop, at least one Niagara-based ministry is strategically placed to help the Region's Christians make a difference locally.

The Pathway Of Peace outreach was founded by Pastor Thabet Megaly, who also serves as its director. Its two-fold mission is to see Muslims come to Christ, and to help Christians become better equipped in introducing them to Jesus. Thabet is passionate about sharing Jesus with the people from the

area that was his home up until 2008, but he also wants to help other Christian believers learn more about, and reach out to, followers of this religion.

"Pathway Of Peace is a Christian ministry that equips the Church and Christian people to reach out, and explain the Great Commission," Thabet shared recently. Like a modern-day Paul the Apostle, a learned scholar that used his knowledge of surrounding cultures as a witnessing tool, Thabet is well-schooled in the Bible and the Quran, making him particularly gifted to make the case for Christ. But he also uses this gift to help others do the same. "I can also help the churches to understand the Islamic mentality, and to reach out to Muslims," he added.

Thabet grew up in a Christian home in his native Egypt, and came to faith in Christ at a young age. His study of the Scriptures created opportunities to teach Sunday School by age twelve. After moving to another city to continue his schooling, he found a church that stressed community outreach and the Great Commission-- planting the seeds that would fully germinate in his adult ministry.

Thabet sharing at Conversations Cafe, Beamsville.


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In 1985, Thabet enrolled in Bible school, graduated four years later, served a mandatory thirteen month stint in the Egyptian army, and finally became a pastor in 1992. That was when ministry doors really began opening. He began pastoring, reaching out to the lost, and training others to do so as well. He also did television programmes comparing Islam to Christianity, which created its share of controversy, even though the content that went to air was completely true. He eventually made the move to Canada, where he continued aspects of the ministry he started in the Middle East.

Since moving to Canada, Pathway Of Peace has continued to evolve, with different courses for different levels of teaching now offered. "There are introductory courses," Thabet said, "to help you to understand Islam and how to reach out to Muslims, how to start conversations, how to tear down walls and build bridges... and that doesn't mean you have to compromise. You build bridges by saying the truth, because we are called to say the truth.

"We let the Muslim discover that the Bible is the Word of God, and the Quran is not."

Thabet explained how being keenly familiar with the Islamic holy book has helped build credibility among Muslims with whom he would speak. Many times, in fact, he'd demonstrate more knowledge about their scriptures than they did. He has used this knowledge to show instances where the Quran itself backs up the Bible. Thabet would then challenge his listeners to read those passage themselves, which has opened opposing minds even more to his explanation of Biblical truths.

In fact, according to Thabet, there are places in the Quran that outline key moments in Jesus' life. "There are verses in the Quran that say that Jesus was born, and died, and was resurrected. But Muslims only just hear (what is told to them), they don't read (for themselves). They memorize the Koran but they do not understand the Koran. Most of them are like that."

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