When he originally started the business over five years ago, Trevor was still living in Newmarket, near Toronto. As he began building it from the ground up, God began to bless him, and within a short time span, he was given an international award as an innovative financial advisor. He was also recognized by the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce with a New Business Innovation award around the time he made the transition to the Niagara Region. He has since opened a second location in St. Catharines, which is still going strong today.

Trevor recognizes the place the Lord must occupy in a business as it gets off the ground, particularly one that is a ministry of sorts. “Starting your own business isn’t an easy step to make. I have all the degrees and certificates required to serve people better. But when it comes to starting a new business, you still have to have faith in God that He will help you through the process and make this unfold. No degree can prepare you for this."

His more than 25 years of experience, along with various industry certifications, do give Trevor credibility in his field, however. He's been quoted in Money Sense magazine, and named one of the top 15 financial advisors in the country. He also writes an award winning blog on financial management. But feedback from clients who regard him as a financial doctor is what fuels him. “It’s an honour to be put into the same category of people who bring healing to others, (my category) just happens to be in the financial realm.”

All types of people from all walks of life use Trevor's services, from people trying to avoid bankruptcy, to people with non-mortgage debt, to people who don't understand cash flow. Trevor welcomes them all with a determination to solve their monetary challenges. He also believes that financial coaching is a great way to train them how to manage their finances; in doing so they can control their financial future on their own.

Trevor has also happily provided scriptural support for his advice, when asked, to Christian clients.

The foundation of compassion that filters throughout Trevor's business is revealed in that he offers a rare service to his clients, one that is used by only 15 or so financial experts in all of Canada: he provides a flat rate fee for his financial coaching. Doing so underscores, yet again, his desire to help others find the financial peace that eludes them, at an affordable price. And with that peace comes that sense of prosperity, which spills over into other areas of life-- emotional, spiritual and financial.

Giving clients the gift of peace and prosperity isn't the only motivation for Trevor. "I found that I was really good at it. It's extremely rewarding work to empower people in an area where they feel lost. And it's a way for me to play my faith out in my work. Because like doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, I'm honoured to play a role in people's lives where I can alleviate a ton of pain, suffering, sleeplessness, relationship challenges, work issues, relationships with children... it's amazing what happens in many of my engagements, in terms of what happens to many people's lives as their financial house gets in order. I just love it."

He thinks back to that moment, remembering that farmer's cry for help, and knows that this is what God wants him to do. “I knew I was meant to walk out my calling on that day during the telephone call at work.

“My grandfather taught me about compound interest, how to make money grow. He started his own business, right down the street from my office. Now I can bless others with my business, coaching them on money matters-- principles that can be passed down from generation to generation.”

For more information on Niagara Region Money Coaches, or to read Trevor's blog, go to www.niagararegionmoneycoaches.com.

The phone call from a farmer that birthed a ministry for Trevor Van Nest

Trevor Van Nest serves Jesus, others with his business

Peace and prosperity... words meaning different things to different people. For Trevor Van Nest, they mean, "help people take charge of their finances".

Trevor is the founder and owner of Niagara Region Money Coaches, a business that helps its clients achieve financial peace, leading to levels of emotional, mental, and financial prosperity.

Bringing peace and prosperity to others wasn't something Trevor ever thought to do, until he had a transformative moment

at work one day. Years ago, Trevor was Vice President of Marketing for Fortune 500 company American Express. Wanting to get to know its customers better, he would occasionally immerse himself in individual cases. This didn’t prepare him for an incident that took place one day, however.

“I was doing some 'call-listening' (monitoring calls through an earpiece). It was just one way I tried to stay close to customers. As a V.P., you can find yourself tucked away in an office, separated from reality. So I was listening to some outbound calls of customers owing more than $60 000."

As the call progressed, Trevor realized the company representative was calling a farmer. "The rep is going through the script on the screen. And I'm sitting in on the call, and my heart is just going out to this guy. I get the fact that he owes this money, but I also know how debt is sold in this country.

"If I had an epiphany in terms of this change in my career, it was that moment. I remember that call like it was yesterday." Trevor had encountered a literal 'farmer in the field' who, in Trevor's mind, represented most Canadians when it comes to personal finances. That farmer needed to trust and believe that his financial advisor is doing the right thing because he didn't have the financial literacy to know what was best.

After a month of reading, writing, and praying about what to do next, he launched his money-coaching business, even though money coaching still being a new concept. Trevor was building a new business and a new category, at the same time.


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"If I had an epiphany in terms of this change in my career, it was that moment. I remember that call like it was yesterday."


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