South Niagara Life Ministries celebrated 25 years of service last month. SNLM serves out of two Southern Niagara locations and has impacted the lives of many Niagara residents; over 400 individuals and families used their services in 2016 alone.

SNLM is a charitable non-profit organization that provides timely free counsel, practical resources and programs, as donor funding and staffing allows. Some of the crisis issues most recently addressed with individuals, couples, and families include abuse, addiction, anger issues, depression, anxiety, marriage and family breakdowns, to name a few. They also are receiving more requests for Biblical counselling to address faith issues and conflicts.

In addition, last year South Niagara Life Ministries gave presentations to almost 800 youths in area schools throughout Niagara. The focus in those talks were healthy relationships and abstinence education.

The organization recently wrapped up the last of its annual fundraisers: the Key-2-Hope 5/10 K Run, Walk-&-Roll, which kicked off a month of raising awareness of their services, their Key-2-Hope 25th Anniversary Dinner Fundraiser. All costs for this event were completely covered by sponsoring businesses, churches, and friends of the ministry, so that all proceeds would go directly to fund its programs.

The annual Key-2-Hope Baby Bottle Bank Campaign took place between Mother's Day and Father's Day. Baby bottles become piggy banks, and all the money collected in the containers fund SNLM’s free services. The Key-2-Hope Hors d’oeuvre Social is another opportunity to support this ministry and hear testimonials. The Key-2-Hope Leap Of Faith Skydive Fundraiser is one for the more adventurous fundraiser, as is the new annual Wildplay Whirlpool Extreme Adventure, the brain child of ministry partner Nile Jenkins of the Car Connections radio show on WDCX. All this activity serves to support and advance the mission of South Niagara Life Ministries: helping people resolve life crises, issues, and problems.

Learn more about SNLM by visiting their website ( or call them at (905) 871-0236. And browse through the information below to get a better idea of the services that they offer.


Promoting God's work, sharing God's resources

The hardworking staff of South Niagara Life Ministries.

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South Niagara Life Ministries celebrates 25 years of serving

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November 2017

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