just puts something in my heart to give me something to think about. Every August or September for the past several years, I’ve felt that God puts a new perspective on my life as we enter a new season. Last year, I felt like the Lord put in my heart the following words for the year: “All new things.”

For the whole year, my family and I experienced all new things, just as He said. We had a number of new experiences, good ones. We visited new places and were blessed with new material things, things that we either needed or wanted. My kids are starting a new life in terms of their education— starting university. They got accepted into the field of study they wanted, and received some really good scholarships to get them through the next four years. Even recently, we were blessed with a new car. And I mean a showroom car, with only five kilometres on the speedometer.

Life has not been all roses though. There were new challenges in our faith walk. My wife thought that cancer had returned. We had to renew our mind when it came to dealing with the possibility of having oral cancer again. Thankfully, we got a second opinion, and both doctors agreed that she didn’t have cancer. What we were dealing with was something new, it was a side effect of radiation to the jaw bone. This new issue is not as life threatening as cancer but it comes with a new set of complications. Even though this issue is new, our faith in God will get us through it. We are able to rest assured that He will carry us through the storm just like he did when she had cancer.

This isn’t the type of “new” I wanted to deal with, but life happens. I can’t explain why it happens, nor can I explain why my wife didn’t receive her healing, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we have a God who heals. We stand firm that perhaps one day, we will see the miracle of healing, and when we do, that will be new for us.

I say all this to encourage all of you. To show that God does wonderful things in our life, even if there are some difficult times that get sprinkled into the mix. Everything we experienced this year allowed us to take our faith to another level. It got us through both the good times and the bad.

This year, the Lord put this on my heart, that things are going to be “better, better, better.” I can think of a lot of things that could be better. Our health can be better, our finances can be better, our life experiences can be better. So, needless to say, I’m looking forward to the start of my new year. This year the Jewish New Year is in October, but I can already sense a ramping up for God’s blessing. God is ready to make things “better” starting September, and I know that He won’t disappoint. Even though I have my own version of what “better” means, God’s version is always “better.”

What is God talking to you about? Do you know what is on His mind these days? Do you know His plans for your life? Are you excited about taking your faith to another level this year?

As we embark on another year with Faith News Niagara I can already see how it’s going to be better. Better for you as a reader, better for me as a writer, and better as a resource to bless our local community. I pray, and sincerely hope, that you find the answers to questions you may have raised in your life as it pertains to your relationship with God, and what you plan to accomplish this year. We hope that Faith News Niagara becomes a good source for your inspirational reading. Perhaps FNN and the various articles you read this year will inspire you to take a step of faith in a direction you have never considered before. Perhaps the stories inspire you to partner with a ministry, or even start your own ministry.

As a regular contributor to FNN I hope that my Faith and Finance articles lift you up and encourage you. My goal is to bring scriptures to light in the context of faith and finance so that your relationship with God produces an abundance of fruit in your life.

As a man of faith, I can honestly tell you, that it is a blessing to know Christ in all his Glory. The story of Joseph is an inspiring story about knowing God. When you read his story carefully you will notice that it didn’t say that he was a blessed man because he had material wealth. Joseph was a blessed man because God was with him. When you submit your life to a God whom you cannot see, and many times cannot hear, it takes great faith. God rewards that level of faith. Joseph was no exception and people could see that God was with him.

In this day and age, many Christians long to have that kind faith— the kind that presents clear evidence that the Lord is upon them. I have traveled a long and winding road in my life. I’ve had ups and downs. Yet, as I reflect on all those moments, I can see clearly that God was with me through it all. At times it didn’t feel that way. At times it didn’t look that way. But in hindsight, it is abundantly clear that God did not shy away from me for a single second. Just because it doesn’t seem like your faith is evident to others at times, know this, when you keep your head up high and acknowledge God in all your circumstances, He becomes evident to others.

Let us take this journey of faith together this year through FNN. I encourage you to be an active participant in this journey by writing in with your comments and questions. I relish the chance to tackle scriptures that seem difficult to understand or scriptures that you have wrestled with for months or years.

In conclusion, I would like for you to take notice that FNN has made some small changes this year in order to bring you the best news possible. We hope that you enjoy reading about the tangible evidence of God in our community. Likewise, we want to get to know our readers better and find out if what we are doing at FNN makes a difference in your life. By sending in your questions for the Faith and Finance sections, it tells us that you value our insight and that you deem this resource as valuable for helping you in the area of Biblical faith and Biblical finances.

The creator of FNN, Steve, is taking his own personal step toward growing his faith and trusting that God will increase his finances. He is linking up with like-minded people who value this ministry, and asking for their support. I’d like to encourage all readers of FNN to support Steve as he takes his own step toward practising biblical finances, as he calls upon his harvest through partnership— or any way that the Lord directs him.

Please visit his sponsor page for more information about linking up with Steve and his ministry, Faith News Niagara.

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Local author Joshua Ray shares his thoughts on the Scriptures, faith, & Biblical finances.


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Last September I wrote an article about why I felt that September was a new year for me. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. You can find the article here.

All of us connect with God in our own way. Our relationship with Him is unique to us. For me, God always asks me questions to get me to search the Bible, because I love digging through scriptures to find the answers. Other times, he

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As a regular contributor to FNN I hope that my Faith and Finance articles lift you up and encourage you.


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