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with Joshua Ray

Local author Joshua Ray shares his thoughts on the Scriptures, faith, & Biblical finances.

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An essay on keeping a healthy perspective on the grace message

July 2016

will be taking a bit of a break before returning to our web pages in the fall with new insights to share with loyal readers.

Be looking for new content in September, but if you can't wait that long, browsw through his archives of past entries. And feel free to share a post if it blessed you in some way.

It seems like, at times, life is all about routine. Get up, rush to work, break for lunch, head home, unwind from the day, and do it all again tomorrow.

Part of the routine at Faith News Niagara is to bring Niagara-based author Joshua to you twice monthly through his Faith and Finance articles. But as you prepare to alter your routine a bit as summer approaches, we'll be doing the same thing too. Joshua

Local author Joshua Ray shares twice monthly in the Faith and Finances section

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