Rev. Peter Bongers

Jeff Lockyer

(905) 682-7978 x224

(905) 682-9901

201 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines


3970 Glendale Ave., Vineland


145 Lincoln St., Welland (Community Wellness Cntr.)

Southridge Community Church

Andrew Plett (Communication Pastor)

(905) 937-5610 x258

Bill Markham

(905) 937-5610 x243

(905) 937-5610


(289) 271-1014


(905) 325-8224

240 Scott St., St. Catharines


203 Church St., St. Catharines


6970 Mountain Rd., Niagara Falls

Central Community Church

Multiple site churches

Ester Funk

Louise Wideman

(905) 562-4422

Vineland United Mennonite Church

3327 Menno St., Vineland

L0R 2C0

1665 Four Mile Creek Rd. (P.O. Box 1039), Virgil

L0S 1T0 (former Virgil Public School)

301 Scott St., St. Catharines (office)

(905) 468-8971

Michelle Mercer

(905) 468-8971

GateWay Community Church

Rev. Anita Spiller




Vineland United Church

4402 Victoria Ave., Vineland

L0R 2E0

(905) 563-6311

Tintern Church of Christ

4359 Spring Creek Rd., Vineland

L0R 2C0

Margaret Ayala

(Church Secretary)



Rev Leslie Boyd

(905) 680-4092

241 St. David's Rd. W., Thorold

L2V 2M2

Grace Community Church, Thorold

Rick Borozny

(905) 682-9000

3400 Schmon Parkway, Thorold

L2V 4Y6

Eagles Nest Christian Centre

The Way Community Church

3446 Rittenhouse Rd., Vineland

L0R 2C0 (Upper Deck Youth Centre)

(289) 897-8607

Owen Juhlke

(289) 897-8607

(905) 929-4111

Tree of Life

6488 Smithville Townline Rd., Smithville

L0R 2A0 (Smithville District Christian High School)

Rev Robert H Wilson

(905) 957-0906

(905) 957-2297


143 St Catharines St., Smithville

L0R 2A0

Smithville Presbyterian Church

Stephen Benn (289) 213-5270

Wilhemina Deke 1 (855) 752-2399

Henry Nwaneri

1 (855) 752-2399

6470 Smithville Rd., Smithville

L0R 1B6 (Covenant Christian School)

Love Smithville


Ruth Brown Martens (Administrator)

Vic Ratzlaff

(905) 687-4848

Westview Christian Fellowship

124 Queenston St., St. Catharines

L2R 2Z7

Rev. Elliston Bridger

(905) 682-8140

Westminster United Church

180 Queenston St., St. Catharines

L2R 2Z7

Rev. Jane Capstick

(905) 682-8328

Rev. Bill Thomas

(905) 682-8328

366 St. Paul St., St. Catharines

L2R 3N2

(905) 682-8328

Silver Spire United Church

(905) 684-2444

2360 First St. Louth, St. Catharines

L2R 6P7

New Hope Church Niagara

Connie Hayhoe (Administrative Assistant)

(905) 646-7777

101 Glen Morris Dr., St. Catharines

L2T 2Z9 (Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School)

301 Scott St., St. Catharines (office)

Harvest Bible Chapel, Niagara

Patricia Wichert (Administration)

(905) 984-5500 x22

Jeff Bennett

(905) 984-5500 x28

(905) 984-5500

51 South Service Rd.,St. Catharines

L2R 6P9

Harbour Fellowship Church

David Jantzi

(905) 937-1326

310 Scott St., St Catharines

L2N 1J5

Glenridge Bible Church

Mick Curtiss

(905) 646-0364

376 Carlton St., St Catharines

L2M 4W6

Full Gospel Church

Stephen Benn (289) 213-5270

Wilhemina Deke (905) 935-5868

Henry Nwaneri

(905) 935-5868

50 Niagara St., St. Catharines

L2R 4K9

Father's Place Niagara

Pat Grant (Church Administrator)

(905) 680-6205

Rev. Dr. Gordon Crossfield (905)735-0937

(905) 641-0950

11 Elm St., St Catharines

L2P 2B6

Elm Street United Church

Sandra Komadoski (Office & Facilities Admin.) (905) 935 3683 x10

Craig Danielson

(905) 935-3683 x17

(905) 935-3683

89 Scott St., St. Catharines

L2N 1G8

Calvary Church (St. Catharines)

Lori Oppertshauser

(Church Secretary)

Ps. Zeth

(905) 682-9213

10 Arlington Ave., St. Catharines

L2P 3A4

Bethel Baptist Church (St. Catharines)

Carolyn Wiebe (Receptionist/Admin Professional)

Larry Shantz

(905) 937-5300

1388 Third St., St. Catharines

L2R 6P9

Bethany Community Church

St. Catharines

Niagara Worship Centre

Tim Klassen

(905) 356-0635

6846 Frederica St, Niagara Falls

L2G 1E2

Niagara Falls

Rev. Anita Spiller


4105 Bridgeport Drive (P.O. Box 148),

Jordan Station L0R 1S0

Jordan Station United Church

Jordan Station

Tammy Doxtater (Administrative Assistant)

Sid Couperus

(905) 945-0004 x222

905 945-0004

290 Main St. E., Grimsby

L3M 1P8

Mountainview Christian Reformed Church

Cathy Brown (Church Administrator)

(905)945-8888 x234

Matt Tapley


54 North Service Rd., Grimsby

L3M 1Y8

Lakemount Worship Centre

John DeGiovanni

(905) 945-9529

132 Lake St., Grimsby

L3M 4M7

Forestview Community Church

(905) 945-8932

11 Kennedy Road, Grimsby

L3M 1E8

Centennial Park Baptist Church


Ralph ten Brinke

(905) 774-3050

7869 Hwy 3, RR5, Dunnville

N1A 2W4

Jubilee Faith Centre

John VanWoudenberg

(289) 369-0589

109 Inman Rd., Dunnville

N1A 2X1

Dunnville Canadian Reformed Church

Joan McQuillen (Office Admin.)

Jon & Bryar Strutt

(905) 774-7232

1241 Broad St. E. (P.O. Box 23), Dunnville N1A 2X1

Calvary Pentecostal Church


Debbie van Oord 905.563.0955 ext. 0

Steven deBoer

(905) 563-0955 x22

(905) 563-0955

4845 King St., Beamsville

L0R 1B6

Providence Christian Reformed Church

Doug Bylsma

(905) 563-0975

4875 King St., Beamsville

L0R 1B6 (Great Lakes Christian High School)

Living Hope Presbyterian Church

Shirley Watson

(Office Administrator)

(905) 563-8448

4264 Mountain St., Beamsville

L0R 1B0

First Baptist Church Beamsville

Family Worship Center, Beamsville

James Samdass

(289) 566-8564

4281 Queen St., Beamsville

L0R 1B0

Rev. Bud Penner (interim)

(905) 563-4151

4129 Hixon St., Beamsville

L0R 1B7

Calvary Gospel Church

(905) 536-7655

4900 John St., Beamsville

L0R 1B0

Beamsville Church  of Christ


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