I'm not a financial expert. Not that anyone ever thought that, but I make this statement based on my wanting to share something I’m the process of learning about almost daily. It’s the idea known as kingdom finances.

This concept is hardly new, and I’m not going to imply that I have the corner market on this particular topic. But I wanted to share with you some neat little snippets that might help you the way it’s been helping me. I’ll start by briefly sharing this story…

Many years ago, I was asked by an older man to give him a hand by doing some work around his house. He always thanked me with a little pocket money when I was done. But for a few weeks, he’d always told me to hold on til next week. Since it was just pocket money, I didn’t really mind… until one day when I wanted to go to town to see a buddy, and only had money for a one way trip, and maybe a coffee. I figured my buddy could help me out, so I wasn’t stressed as I started out. I got off at my stop and went to a nearby coffee shop for a double-double.

While there, I began thinking about that money that older man kept promising me. If I had it, I wouldn’t have to ask my friend for help. Suddenly, this thought popped into my head: “your money is in other people’s pockets, and when you need it, you will get it.” Then the door opens, and who walks in, but the older man. We started talking, but all the while I’m looking at his pockets.

Eventually he motioned to leave, which made me wonder about that earlier cryptic comment all the more. But as he touched the door handle, he stopped, looked up, paused about five seconds, then walked over to me. He reached into a pocket, pulled out some bills, and gave me some. “God told me to give this to you,” he said. And as he left, that phrase came back to me, with a slight modification: “You see? Your money is in other people’s pockets… and when you need it, you will get it.”

That one event in my life changed how I viewed wealth at the time. It is out there, right now, waiting to be sent to the place God wants it to go. And God was going to make sure that I got it when I needed it.

That’s the backbone of this website, Faith News Niagara. We want to help area ministries tell their stories to fellow Christians. We can help with the shifting of wealth to the areas of the kingdom that it at any given time, by raising awareness of the need. We can help put God’s resources in other people’s pockets, at the time when it may be most needed.

I’d like to encourage you to read the articles in this edition, as well as previous editions, with an expectation to hear God’s voice as you read. If you feel the prompting to help a ministry, act on it. We will always include links to websites and email addresses, as well as phone or text numbers, in articles that outline a specific need that our readers can respond to. My belief is that there is enough wealth in the body of Christ to support the ministries found in the body of Christ.

I’m so thankful to God that I can promote what his people are doing for his glory across the region we live in. I get so inspired by the people I am privileged to meet. Now, through our articles, you get to meet them too. And hopefully, you get to be an answer to a prayer as well.

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One incident in my life put me on the road to becoming more of a giver


Promoting God's work, sharing God's resources

February 2015

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