I love that Faith News Niagara seeks people and ministries involved in God's work, and spotlights them every month so our readers can be aware of what he's doing through his people. Please be reading our articles with a prayerful attitude, allowing yourself to be open to the Spirit's prompting to be involved in any ministry in any way he directs.

One of the ministries that has been a focus in the past is YFC/Youth Unlimited, because I was working with them as a missionary to teenagers. In fact, FNN was actually started to help me raise financial support, in the same way that an overseas missionary needs to raise their support.

I was not able to raise the support I needed to continue with the ministry, so I have resigned. It was not in any way an easy decision. I do hope to partner with YFC in other ways in the future, but I will turn my attention to other things before I see how that looks later on this year.

This website will continue to publish, since I believe our community is enriched by having it continue to exist. I believe God can use it, and is using it.

And as I wrote last month, while things like writing, editing, website building, etc. are things that I love, ministering to teens is something that I am passionate about. I couldn't extricate that from my life if I tried... I know; I've tried a few times. So I know that youth ministry will play a part in my future, as will Faith News.

I also wrote last month that I really would rather use the space I have here to talk about other people and what they're doing for the Lord, so let me do that with the remainder of the time I have with you. Let me tell you about Jane Andres.

Jane is one of the countless number of people that walk among us with a burden for a specific need that she sees is not being met. In her case, it's the almost invisible group of hard-working offshore workers that flood into Niagara every year. Jane had an encounter that changed forever the way she saw them, and has come to love them.

The challenges these men and women have, both in their native Jamaica and here in Canada, are many -- but are actually very easy to overcome, with some help from the people of God in this area. One challenge is to provide for them simple friendship, to combat the sense of alienation that they often feel.

Jane has come up with a great way to educate area Christians to the challenges these hard-working contributors to our society have... have a concert.

On Sunday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m., the annual Workers Welcome takes place at Orchard Park Church (434 Hunter Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake. This year, the featured artists are the Tonettes -- if you aren't familiar with them, don't worry. Just know that they're really, really good at what they do. Past artists include Newworldson and the Toronto Mass Choir.

Watch the video that corresponds with the story to find out why Jane enlists high-end artists like the ones mentioned for the annual event. At the end of the day, she's looking to break down walls of misunderstanding that often divide cultures.

Email Jane at jandres@niagara.com for ticket info. And come ready to be entertained, inspired, educated and blessed.

We also have another story that gives a little insight into the minds of our teens. Last month we met Charleen and learned about her challenges, and how she's overcoming them with the help of Jesus. This month, Jacob tells his story, and shares some thoughts that might make a reader or two say "ouch" before it's all said and done.

And we have another youth-related story, although not in the same vein as Jacob's.  Aaron Maleare, who serves in the dual role of youth and associate minister at Tintern Church of Christ, talks about an upcoming missions trip he will be embarking on later this year with some students from Great Lakes Christian High School in Beamsville. Aaron and his team need your help to raise funds to cover expenses associated with the trip. And you are eligible to help if a) you regularly eat food, and b) you regularly buy things. If that sounds like you, read the story to se how you can help.

And speaking of fundraisers, Edye Stones Cripps talks about how she utilizes her keen business sense to raise funds for ministries and ministers, so they can fulfill their God-given role. She may be a businessperson, but she's a minister at heart, and that has a profound effect on how she conducts herself in the business world. Read her story to see what I mean.

Before I leave you to read those articles, let me share two last points-- the less personal one first. Do you like writing? Do you know someone who does? Writing opportunities await interested parties at Faith News Niagara. Yes you'll get full credit, and one day we hope that you'll get some financial remuneration as well. You can help us get to where we are able to do this by helping improve the website through your written contributions. Drop a line at connect@faithnewsniagara.com to learn more.

Now the more personal point: I remain committed to helping and serving the local churches and ministries, and particularly youth ministries, even in the midst of recent life changes. So while Youth For Christ, for me, is over, youth ministry, for me, is not. The Lord has brought some people into my life that are helping me to bring some youth ministry ideas I've had for some time, into reality. We're still working away at it, so I won't give away details just yet. But we'll let you know as soon as it's good to go! So stay tuned...

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