What do I have in common with a six-year-old girl?


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My wife and I were watching our daughter walk across our field to her grandmother’s house recently. (I know this sounds like the beginning of a nursery rhyme, but this really happened.) It’s a stone’s throw from our house, but it was the other side of Lake Ontario as far as our six-year-old was concerned. She wanted us to watch her go over there… and she wanted to see us watch her.

Because of her age, I’m sure that doesn’t sound like an unreasonable request to you. And it wasn’t. We were happy to give her the assurance she was asking for.

As I watched her walk across the field without incident, I couldn’t hep but relate to her in this way: as we begin the third year of publishing Faith News Niagara, I gotta tell ya… we’re looking, like my daughter, for assurance. From you. Like my daughter, we want to know we’re not alone in this.

The “we” that I refer to, by the way, is my partner-in-Christ (like what I did there?) Joshua Ray, he of the Faith and Finance articles you see featured here on the site. And I also include my wonderful wife, who has never written anything for the site, but she has provided much encouragement herself at select times when it was greatly needed and appreciated. She also reads all the articles and points out spelling errors, so that makes her part of the team in my estimation.

My daughter didn’t want to walk across the field alone, so we helped her get there. She could’ve gotten there on her own, but she reached out to us for help. And we were there for her. We provided a level of security for her. And I guess at the end of the day, that’s what I’m asking for from you.

We’re looking to create a community of people that will help me do ministry things in this area that no one else is able to do… or maybe wants to do. These are things I’m willing to do (essentially) alone, but would rather not do alone. So I’m looking to you for help.

Now, although it would be nice to have some help with expenses, Faith News is not desperately in need of money. (Check out this video for a detailed explanation on that.) Neither is Faith News desperately in need of subscribers. Faith News is not desperately in need of anything. It’s nice to be in a situation where there is no desperate need! But that being said, there’s something I wouldn’t mind receiving from you: communication, encouragement, and feedback.

We really don’t know what you’re thinking about all this content we create. Do you want more, or less, of our current content? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? What do you think we should change, if anything?

And on a side note… there are plenty of stories that have yet to be told on this site. Those stories are out there, among you readers. Someone you know— maybe you yourself— should have their story told in Faith News. I realize some folks would rather not have that kind of attention; they don’t do what they do for recognition. But my intention is to give God the credit for whatever it is they do, and to invite readers and viewers to partner in tangible ways with what they do, so more of it can be done, or so it can be done faster or better. It’s not to pat anyone on the back.

I also want other readers to be inspired, encouraged, challenged, or even convicted by what they see God doing. Many of us have had dreams that have been pushed to the side by daily circumstances. But maybe reading about how other dreams were resurrected, will fire up that burning ember in your own heart for that thing you felt the Lord telling you to do long ago.

Okay, tangent over. But all that to say, we’d love your feedback. We’d love to enter into a continuing dialogue with you, our readers and viewers. We don’t want this to be a one-way conversation. We’re committed to continuing to publish this site… but it would be awesome to not feel like we’re out there all alone as we do it. So connect with us. Even if you tell us we’re doing something you don’t like! We’ll never be able to even think about changing anything until you start telling us.

Maybe I haven’t made it really clear as to how you can connect with us. The best way through our email address: connect@faithnewsniagara.com. (See what I did there?)

We figure we’re doing something right, though, because you continue to stick with us after all this time. Our numbers have even grown since the days of those first ever articles. (By the way— thanks for that! Keep sharing those articles!) But we’re looking for specific and verbal votes of confidence at this time. So how ‘bout it?

My daughter made it to her destination because we were there for her. And we didn’t even have to do much! Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way as I ask you to help us reach our monthly destination of promoting what God is doing through ordinary people like you and me.

October 2016

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