Let me take time out from our busy Faith News schedule do bring you some important news. Looks like we're about to get busier.

Let me provide, as I like to do, some behind-the-scenes stuff to explain that statement. You see, we've been noticing a very interesting phenomenon every time we view the monthly stats for Faith News Niagara. We look at how many people view on any given day. As you would expect, our hits at the beginning of the month are very high-- the highest for the month. As we get deeper into the month, our readership drops. Again, that really isn't out of the ordinary. By mid-month, we would have virtually no new readers. The interesting part of this research, at least for us, is that this would take place after the fifteenth of any month. Not the tenth, or the twentieth, always the fifteenth.

So we've been thinking about how to address this situation. The obvious answer would be to have a mid-month edition publishing later in the month. Now about a year ago, when we first launched, that would never have been something worth considering. However, this is now something that may very well be a reality in the very near future.

The challenge would be for us to find time to provide additional content for our readers. But we think we might be able to do that, which is why publishing two times a month is something that may well be happening very soon. Now, because I believe no significant announcement should ever be made without an appropriate teaser leading up to it, you'll understand if I keep the ideas we discussed for crating that extra content under wraps for the time being. But have no fear! All will be revealed in due time.

Here's another reason why things could be getting busier. I've been talking with a few folks in the area about next possible steps for a youth ministry idea I've discussed here before. I've been referring it to as Teens Are Amazing. Later on this month, I hope to be chatting some more about what this ministry would look like. In the meantime, I finally got around to finishing a website that will help explain more about what this event is; I look at it as the eventual online hime for this ministry. This site will also describe other aspects of my life, aspects that I'm passionate about. In fact, that's the name of the website: "Steve... and his Passion". Kind of a weird name, I know, so let me explain the meaning a bit more by saying that every one of the sections on this website talks about something that I'm passionate about in life. But all of the things mentioned there pale in comparison to my greatest passion, Jesus. That's why it's not called "Steve... and his Passions"-- with an 's' to make it plural.

I've always felt self-conscious when it came to promoting anything I personally was doing, ministry-wise, in Faith News Niagara. After all, this site is to share about what God is doing through his people, not person, in Niagara. But, Teens Are Amazing is a ministry that is based in our region, therefore, it certainly can be mentioned. As well, it gives me another opportunity to explain the ultimate reason why I started Faith News one year ago. Basically, Faith News is my tent making ministry, and explaining that gospel to teens is my main gig.

You know, I'm so excited about one idea running around inside my head for this site, that I have to share it now! The idea first came about when I was living up in Sudbury. I was hosting a radio show geared toward teenagers on a local Christian radio station, and one week was devoted to asking questions that teens probably wanted to ask, but were too afraid to. I asked two youth pastors to co-host the show that week, and together we tackled those questions, based on what the Bible had to say about it.

It was a hit. One mother later told me that she and her teenage daughter sat in the teen's bedroom, absolutely fixated on what they were hearing. And we didn't even get to all the questions, which were acquired from the teens of the two youth groups represented by the two youth pastors. An envelope was made available for them to submit those questions.

How would we do this today? I know a number of local youth pastors and leaders. I will approach them the same way I approached the two in Sudbury, and ask them to ask their youth groups if they have any such questions. I'm betting they do. And when a decent number have been collected, ask a couple of these leaders to tackle one or two on a video that will be uploaded to YouTube. I can see these videos being watched by young people who have been wondering about certain taboo topics, and would like to have a Biblical answer to their questions. I can also see a few adults possibly watching as well!

So yeah, I expect to be pretty busy in the upcoming months. But the ideas that will be making those upcoming months so full, will be used to bless the Niagara Region's faith community, which is one of my passions-- not necessarily one that is clearly mapped out on the aforementioned website, but interspersed throughout it. So I'm looking forward to implementing as many of them as possible.

God is always doing something, all the time, all around us. And if we are looking with intention to see what he is doing, he'll make sure we are made aware of what he's up to. Faith News Niagara will continue to tell the story of what our God is doing through his people. And my hope is that the youth of Niagara, and ministries that serve them, will benefit from the ministry opportunities that we hope to bring to them.

Are you up for possibly having two Faith News issues a month?


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October 2015

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